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Whats in HER Bag

What's in HER bag - Charlee Atkins

You’ve probably sweated in one of her classes or seen her demonstrating movement or stretching techniques on her instagram or Well+Good. As one of the most in demand instructors at SoulCycle, Charlee Atkins has grown up with the company and launched her own off the bike brand called Le Sweat. This petite powerhouse will be taking a few dozen on an adventure to the Philippines early next year on Le Retreat, her group fitness trip where she combines travel, workouts and creating connections. 
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What's in HER bag - Denise Lee

You know ALALA for their trendy workout clothes that are designed to be functional at the gym, yet cool and sophisticated to wear in your everyday life. Taking inspiration from the downtown streets and culture of New York City, the clothes blend function with sleek urban design. Now meet the brains and fearless leader behind the brand, Denise Lee, the founder and CEO of ALALA.
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What's in HER bag - Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw

Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw's energy and enthusiasm is both infectious and inspiring. Not only is she finishing up her final year at King's College London, but she is also the latest face of Chanel Beauty videos. Read on to learn how she keeps her mind and body strong, her favorite gyms to workout in London and Singapore and secrets to maintaining her flawless skin.
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What's in HER bag - Maria Del Russo

Get to know Maria Del Russo, a sex and wellness writer for online publications such as Refinery29, The Coveteur, and The Cut, as she openly shares her personal struggles in dating, being mindful and how she tries to lean into optimism. Ever the avid reader, Maria offers great book recommendations on meditation, sex, and feminism. 
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What's in HER bag - Megan Roup

Celebrities and models flock to The Sculpt Society to stay long and lean. Get to know Megan Roup, a former dancer and the founder of The Sculpt Society, and how she uses sliders to keep her clients in shape. 
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What's in HER bag - Christina Jensen

Meet Christina Jensen - a model, former member of the Radio City Rockettes and now a Rumble Boxing Trainer - and how she transitioned from dance to boxing, and doesn't let her injuries from a lifetime of dance stop her from accomplishing her goals.
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Whats in HER bag - Nicole Loher

We are excited to feature Nicole Loher as we continue our #WhatsInYourBag series. A highly accomplished talent who, besides being the Global Digital Editor for Christian Louboutin, also finds time to be a columnist, competing tri-athlete and NYU professor. We ask her what inspires her and how she changed her lifestyle to focus on wellness.
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Whats in HER bag - Tully Humphrey

We are excited to launch our new series #WhatsInYourBag with amazing, entrepreneurial women that we have come across on our journeys. Women who live active lifestyles, multi-hyphenates and ready to take on the world. We begin our series with Tully Humphrey, the Creative Director of activewear line Tully Lou. When she's not busy growing her eponymous label that marries performance fabrics with fashion forward streetwear, she also finds time to be a yoga instructor and wellness writer. 
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