What's in HER Bag - Dria Murphy

What's in HER Bag - Dria Murphy

Meet Dria Murphy, CEO of brand building company Alise Collective and Co-founder of the innovative fitness studio The Ness. Dria has probably worked with all of your favorite figures + brands, and has turned her lifelong passion of meeting new people into two successful companies. We talked with her about the benefits of bounce fitness, her tips on successful networking, and, of course, what's in HER bag for a day on the move.

Q. From your PR company, Alise Collective, to the new fitness studio, the ness, you’ve always stressed the importance of forming connections with people. Have you always been great at networking, and what is some advice you would give to someone looking to break into the PR industry?

Hustle! Take every opportunity to get out and meet people. You never know what relationships you make now will turn into in the future - I have dear friends I met when I first moved to the city that I collaborated with years later. Stay in touch, send a thank you card, be genuine. That’s what it’s all about.

Q. The ness is such an innovative studio! How did you meet your co-founders? When and how did you get into bounce fitness? Can you speak more about the benefits of trampoline fitness?

We have known and collaborated with each other for several years prior, which made it such a natural fit. When I discovered bounce a few years ago, I got hooked because it allowed me to shut off my mind like I never could before. In other workouts, I would find my mind wandering but you truly can’t think about anything else on a trampoline otherwise you are lost in class.

Trampoline bounce is an incredibly low-impact workout for your body, which is amazing for everyone but especially those with an injury. Bounce also increases your body’s lymph flow by up to 15x. It completely helps to detoxify your body and even if I am exhausted, bouncing seems to rejuvenate me.

Q. As someone who is constantly traveling and working, how do you stay fit? Do you have a daily workout routine you stick to? What are your favorite studios and/or gyms to visit (besides yours, of course!)

I love to bounce whenever I get the time. I’m fortunate to have access to a trampoline so even when I can’t make a full class, I can have even 30 minutes to get moving. I will instantly notice a mental difference. When travelling, I make my own routines based on the ness’ signature sculpt. It’s so amazing because it can be done anywhere and without equipment! I also love to try new workouts in whatever city I am in. It’s fun to experience new trainers and methods. This summer I have taken up surfing and it has become my new favorite workout outside and boy, is it a workout!

I am also dying for THE WELL to open so I can dive into the facilities and yoga classes there. One of my favorite teachers, Joyce Levy, is the director of mindful movement at THE WELL and her classes are life changing.

Q. You’ve mentioned in other interviews that you love trying new restaurants. What are some of your favorite healthy spots to hit for a meal in the city? What about back home in San Francisco? What are some of your favorite cheat day spots?

I love Cafe Clover for lunch or a healthy dinner out! It is so chic there and I love how I can eat healthy but also be out with a great vibe. If I am on the go, I stop into Village Den. Cheat days are all about wine and cheese.

When I go back home to San Francisco I really look forward to my mom’s Italian cooking. I grew up on her pasta and homemade sauce so I crave it when I go home.

Q. As an entrepreneur, PR expert, CEO, co-founder of a fitness studio, tell us -- what’s in your bag?

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