What's in HER bag - Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw

What's in HER bag - Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw


Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw's energy and enthusiasm are both infectious and inspiring. Not only is she finishing up her final year at King's College London, but she is also the latest face of Chanel Beauty videos. Read on to learn how she keeps her mind and body strong, her favorite gyms to workout in London and Singapore and secrets to maintaining her flawless skin.


Q. Now that you are in your final year at King's College London, how are you juggling your studies with your modelling career? Are you working on anything special?

A: To be perfectly honest, juggling studies with modelling has been pretty tough. It’s difficult when I want to be able to do my 100% best in two completely different things, so these past few years have taught me to take a step back when any opportunity comes up and follow the path that I know I will not regret – and then work twice as hard at whatever it is I chose.

In terms of school, I’m currently conducting a research project on the impact of motivation on memory performance, which is also really, really interesting as I get to design the entire study. In modelling, an incredibly special project that I’m REALLY excited about are a series of Chanel Beauty videos that are being released every few months. It’s really exciting to see my face behind such an iconic brand! I travel to and from London and Paris a lot for Chanel shoots, and even though that means that I need to work longer hours to catch up on school, it is SO worth it.


Q. As a model (we LOVE your cover on SHAPE Singapore!) and an Adidas creator in Singapore, do you ever feel pressured to look perfect? What are your favorite ways to stay in shape and how do you stay motivated? Do you have any go-to yoga studios or gyms when you workout in London? How about in Singapore? 

A: Thank you! Of course, as a model I do sometimes feel some pressure to look perfect. That’s just because there are industry standards when it comes to modelling, but that’s also true of any industry. Our bodies fluctuate all the time, but what’s more important than that is to make sure that I feel happy and confident with who I am. Realizing that takes a lot of the pressure off.

I used to dance A LOT when I was in high school and that was one of my favorite ways to get moving. Currently, I do a lot of spinning at Psycle London, HIIT at 1Rebel UK, and yoga at Triyoga UK. In Singapore, I love spinning at GroundZero and do yoga at Yoga+. These are my absolute favorite studios.


Q. You have amazing glowing skin. What is your daily / weekly skincare regimen? As a Eurasian, do you find Asian beauty products work better on your skin or do you use a mix?

A: Haha thank you! As a Eurasian I definitely use a mix of both Western and Asian beauty products, but above everything I look for things that are suitable for my super sensitive skin. As for my routine, it’s pretty simple actually! I use a cleansing oil and a very gentle cleanser (along with my Foreo Mini, which is a GOD-SEND wow). I slap on some retinol toner, vitamin C serum and some eye cream (never too late to start using eye cream!) In the mornings, I finish off with some watergel and SPF, but in the evenings, I lock all that goodness in with a face oil. Okay so maybe not super simple… but I’m obsessed with skincare and have done tons of research on what products are suitable for me. Knowledge is power!


Q. Part of staying healthy is maintaining a strong state of mental health whether its through meditation or yoga. Is there anything you do to keep sane in today's non-stop world?

A: My workouts are definitely my escape from reality. When I’m spinning, sprinting or doing yoga, my mind is entirely focused on that. I also have meditation apps (like Buddhify and Headspace) that I use sometimes when I’m walking or taking the bus to school and they are amazing. Those plus my amazing boyfriend and flatmates, who are always there for me, definitely have a huge part in keeping me sane.


Q. With such a busy schedule and running around London, tell us, #whatsinyourbag?

A: It depends on whether I’m a model or a student that day haha. As a student, I’ve always got my laptop and my notebook, along with my giraffe pencil case and earphones. As a model, I’ve got my iPad and my headshots, as well as a Tangle Teezer and this awesome mattifying powder from Fenty Beauty. No matter what day it is, my bag always contains my wallet, keys, my Neutrogena Watergel, Colorescience sunscreen powder, and my water bottle, and most importantly, my lip balm (I never, ever leave the house without it).

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