What's in HER bag - Alex Silver-Fagan

What's in HER bag - Alex Silver-Fagan


One of the founding trainers of the interactive home gym MIRROR, Alex Silver-Fagan keeps herself busy and is always learning. She developed her workout Flow into Strong, which is a blend of yoga with strength training and recently discovered her latest fitness obsession: kettlebells.


Q. We all go through highs and lows and you mentioned that you overcame a few challenges yourself and finally feel that this is the first year you feel truly balanced with your food and training. You work to FEEL strong and no longer restrict yourself [when it comes to food] nor fear body fat. What helped you overcome those obstacles?

A. Trial and error! I took a lot of time to feel the pain I was experiencing and work through it on my own. I journaled, I saw a therapist, and I really worked to develop the relationship with myself. Once I was able to fall in love with myself, I no longer wanted to HURT myself! On top of that, I chose to distance myself from negative people and only fill my life with love and support.

Q. Your book Flow into Strong takes some pointers from what you learned over the past few years, and helps readers to unlock their Yin-Yang. What inspired you to write the book and are there any tips you can give to others who may also be struggling with their fitness goals?

A. When I came back from my yoga training in Thailand in December 2016, I felt inspired to share my journey towards finding balance. The book is an extension of my class Flow Into Strong, which blends yoga & strength training, Yin & Yang! My tips to finding balance would be to explore the edges of your movement practice and your personality. Live in the Yin for a bit, live in the Yang. Embrace these parts of yourself so you can tap into them when necessary and find balance. It goes hand in hand with your fitness journey. Once you develop a better relationship with your mind and your body, you can choose which types of fitness you need at certain moments. And when you give your mind/body what it needs in that moment, it will respond and get you closer to your goals.

Q. New technologies have been coming out so people can work out at home if they are too busy to go to a gym or a studio. You are one of the founding trainers of MIRROR, the interactive home gym that has both live and on-demand workouts. Congratulations! How did you get involved with them and what types of workouts do you teach? 

A. Let me first say that I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing company at the forefront of changing the fitness industry. We make movement convenient and accessible to people all over the country and soon the world. We get to connect with so many people! It’s truly inspiring.

I was first asked to come in to audition during the summer of 2017 and shortly after got the job. I’ve been with the company officially since Nov 2017 and it’s been wonderful to watch a start-up grow into a large tech company.

I teach a variety of workouts on MIRROR. Yoga Flow, Yoga + Strength (which is basically my Flow Into Strong Class), Cardio + Strength, Strength, as well as Cardio: Bootcamp. There is truly something for everybody. Some other classes that we offer include Boxing, Pilates, Barre, Pre/Post Natal, and Cardio Dance!

Q. When you are not teaching / training others, what kinds of workouts do you like to do? And what do you typically eat for breakfast / lunch / snack / dinner?

A. Over the summer of 2018 I completed my Strong First Kettlebell training and have been obsessed with the equipment ever since. Working with kettlebells have given me results I never thought possible, training in strength and aesthetics without injury. I am also developing a skill which is exciting and challenging.

My daily eats are as follows:
Breakfast: Siggi’s yogurt with berries and nuts
Lunch: Egg scramble with veggies and avocado
Snack: Apple & cheese or a hard-boiled egg
Dinner: Chicken or Salmon with lots of veggies
I always end my day with a piece of dark chocolate :)

Q. As a Nike Master Trainer and one of the most in demand instructors in NYC, tell us, #whatsinyourbag?

A. An extra sports bra
Snacks! (Either an RX Bar or an egg)
A toothbrush + toothpaste, I brush my teeth 3-4x a day
Swell bottle
My computer
Dry shampoo

For more details on Alex's Transience bag, see our Swing Bag in Titanium Mesh. 

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