What's in HER bag - Chinae Alexander

What's in HER bag - Chinae Alexander


Adidas ambassador Chinae Alexander channels her optimism to help empower others through self-love and active change. Not only is she an entrepreneur with her own event planning business, Chinae is also a lifestyle personality, speaker, writer and just launched her podcast Press Send.


Q. You have been chronicling your fitness journey for the past ten years, going from 225 pounds and size 16, to losing 70 pounds and reaching your goal weight, only to realize you were happier being slightly heavier. What did you learn about yourself during this time and what tips could you share with others about balancing weight goals versus happiness and personal fulfillment?

A. I’m not sure I would say I was happier when being heavier, I think the main point I try to get across is that joy isn’t connected to our size as much as we think. Joy is connected to feeling enjoyment, freedom, and growth…intersecting with discipline and self-care.

My main advice is to stress about it less…the more we obsess over the way we look, the more it becomes difficult to manage. Find healthy things that you actually like, move your body in a way that makes you feel strong and take action to care for your mental health the whole way through.

Q. You have been open about your struggles with motivation, fear and confidence, but your weapon to combat these fears was knowledge. In a fantastic article in Well+Good, you described picking up a huge bodybuilding book by Arnold Schwarzenegger to help you get started on your path to a healthier living. As everyone's fitness and wellness journey is different, what tips can you give others what aren't sure how to get started or are experiencing the same struggles you faced?

A. I think making tiny goals throughout your day is the best way to make progress. Set up small wins like cooking a healthy breakfast, taking a walk around the block, taking 5 minutes to breathe deeply…and learn to celebrate these as you complete them. Positive momentum always wins.

Q. We are excited about your new podcast Press Send! When is it launching and which guests do you have lined up?

A. It launched on February 6th and was in the Top 25 of iTunes charts the first day! I am so proud to introduce so many incredible guests to the audience…names include wellness personality Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup, comedian Akilah Hughes, Deepica Mutyala beauty expert and founder of TINTED, celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, Sam Duenas @sosupersam Musician and DJ, Corrine + Kyrstyna from Guys We F*cked podcast, and many more. You’ll have to stay tuned. 

Q. As a native Texan who now calls New York City home, can you share your favorite places for quick bites while you're on the move back home and in NYC?

A. I’m not sure about things in Texas but I love stopping by Joe and the Juice, Stonefruit Cafe, Bluestone Lane, and for a decadent night…martinis, oysters, and a rare steak from Raoul's.

Q. As a busy entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host and body positive fitness inspiration, your day must be filled juggling all your responsibilities. Tell us, #whatsinyourbag?

A. I always have headphones, a wireless charger, about ten lipsticks, a CBD treat, keys, and wallet. 

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