What's in HER bag - Christina Jensen

What's in HER bag - Christina Jensen

Get to know Christina Jensen - model, former member of the Radio City Rockettes and now a Rumble Boxing Trainer - and how she transitioned from dance to boxing, and doesn't let her injuries from a lifetime of dance stop her from accomplishing her goals.


Q. We love meeting accomplished women like yourself - Rumble Boxing Trainer, Wilhelmina Fitness Model and founding trainer for the Playbook app. But we had no idea you were a former member of the world renowned Radio City Rockettes! Can you share some of your experiences and your favorite memories while you were there? 

Hahaha! Absolutely! I’ve definitely been blessed to have a dance career and was able to tour all over the world. Radio City is one of the finest tuned machines on Broadway. They have mastered how to put on several shows a day like clockwork. This job was great because it created such happiness and wonder in the audience. It was impossible not to smile or feel the excitement of the Christmas holiday. I was lucky in that I was a soloist in the show and was able to deliver lines and sing live. It was the scariest and most empowering things I’ve ever done. Being a live performer teaches you how to recover fast! Just like boxing. There is no such thing as a perfect show but it’s my job to deliver that every day, multiple times a day. 

I’d look out into the audience and see the coolest things. Kids waving, families laughing, and the crowd in a standing ovation at the end of every show. It’s humbling and invigorating because at that moment, everything in life is good. Everyone is happy, and there is nothing more magical than that. 

One of my favorite memories is of a camel named Wendy. She was there standing next to me every single show for 5 years. Just like it was my job, her job was to perform in the LIVE nativity. These animals are seriously smart. She gave me a kiss at the end of every show :-) She’d look for me and wouldn’t budge until we had our little moment. It was very cool! I miss that Camel lol! 

Q. What music do you have on your playlist now? 

I'm an equal opportunity music player in general, but if you came to my class you’d hear some killer classic hip hop tracks and remixes. At Rumble we have an amazing team who create special tracks for us to use in our classes, we are so lucky to have this as a tool. Within those tracks you’ll hear Jay Z, Kanye, Huey, Drezo, Nas, Biggie, and then some throwback rock remixes like ACDC, Beastie Boys, and even Blink 182. You’ll always hear something you love, and can even sing out loud and dance to if you’d like! I get asked about my playlists all the time ;-) You’ll just have to come to hear and feel the magic!

Q. What do you like to eat post training / workout? Any favorite go to healthy eating spots?

I joke with friends and family all the time that I’m part rabbit! I love veggies and sometimes will even wake up in the middle of the night to have a massive bowl of veggies. Post-training I usually stick to BCAA’s, branched chain amino acids to aid in my hydration and muscle recovery. It depends on the time of day but I usually crave something salty. I’ll go for sushi, or even a hearty soup depending on how hungry I am. My boss at Rumble owns a restaurant here in the city called Catch and honestly I crave the food all the time. Sushi/Asian fusion food! Ughh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I also like this place right around the corner from Rumble called Broken Coconut! Super healthy veggie and protein bowls or raw fish. The spots motto is to "Eat Pretty"! Smart and oh so clever right?!?


Q. How did you transition from dance to becoming a Rumble boxing trainer? How do you keep motivated and do you find it different motivating your clients during your training sessions? 

This wasn’t a hard choice for me! I’ve been brought up dancing and have a dance studio in my family so dance will always be apart of my life. 

With the countless injuries, I’ve spent a life-time rehabbing them outside the studio and in gyms all over the world. Understanding the body in this way was the only way I’d have a career or even walk after my dance career was over. Fitness became my home because I felt like I could identify with people so much more! Oh you’ve dislocated your shoulders? Me too! Oh you’ve had knee surgery? Me too! You name it, I’ve had it, and I’m living proof that you can recover from it and feel even better! 

While in college I tried boxing and fell in love with it! Once I moved to NYC, it was becoming really popular and I wanted the skill set and technique on how to punch properly. Mostly as self-defense since I had a couple scares in my day. I started doing Muy Thai, and after 3 years switched to just boxing to be able to punch better. I took my boyfriends class and honestly it was love at first punch. Similar to dance in-terms of endurance, athleticism, improvisation, discipline, etc.... yet the one thing that was missing ... it creates confidence. Something that dance can depreciate over time. 

Q. With busy schedules and active lifestyles, we often try to put everything we need into one bag for the day. Tell us, #whatsinyourbag?

This is very true, especially as a  New Yorker we are always on the go and can never be too prepared. Here’s a pretty solid list ;-) 

1- My laptop
2-My personal headset and mic covers- crucial for teaching/training. 
3- A little bag with Advil, BCAA recovery packets, hand sanitizer, and Emergen-C. 
4- Make-up and a mini straightener
5- A lacrosse ball to roll out sore muscles and knots when I have time. 
6- Puppy poo baggies lol, I have a Pitty, she’s my pride and joy! 
7- A small umbrella! This is handy more than I’d like to admit! 
8- Justin’s Peanut Butter Packets or Beef Jerky, I always have some sort of snack on me. 
9- Bottle or Swell Bottle of water, I never leave the house or studio without water. 
10- My Rumble Beats to listen to music and create playlists! 
11- A clean set of gym gear and my Box Raw 180 wraps ;-) Just in case I get sweaty and/or take class and need to wrap up! 
12- Prayers :-) I keep a couple of prayer cards on me as a spiritual reminder or refresher when I need them. All in all, I carry everything including a mini-kitchen sink lol, just kidding ;)


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