What's in HER bag - Emma Lovewell

What's in HER bag - Emma Lovewell


Aspiring renaissance woman Emma Lovewell has more hobbies than most people we know. But you may know her as one of Peloton's instructors who inspires you to keep spinning at home. Passionate about movement, health and wellness, this former professional dancer is also a personal trainer and pilates instructor, and still finds time to share delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes on her blog and instagram.

Q: Peloton is the original on-demand workout (aka the Netflix for spinning)  with over a million users. With live stream workout classes from their New York City and London studios, high end hotels and luxury apartment buildings with gyms have even added Peloton bikes. When did you join Peloton as an instructor and how do you keep your live and in-studio audience motivated and moving throughout each class? What tips would you give to people who are new to spinning?

A: I started working at Peloton about a year and a half ago. Having the ability to teach thousands of people in just one class is really mind blowing. People want to feel seen and taken care of, so its important when we speak to the cameras we keep in mind we are speaking to people of different ages, experiences, fitness levels, you name it. Everyone’s at a different part in their journey and its important my classes are inclusive, fun, and engaging.

At Peloton there are many ways to stay engaged and connected, from giving out virtual high-fives on the leaderboard, to chatting with each other on social media. Riders can even video chat with each other while riding. If you’re new to spinning, my advice is to just start and have fun with it. Each ride doesn’t have to be your personal best, and you can always go at your own pace no matter what other people are doing around you. Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter ten.

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Q: In addition to teaching at Peloton, you have a background in dance and are a certified personal trainer who teaches pilates. Plus you describe yourself as an aspiring renaissance woman with many hobbies - everything from surfing, sailing, snowboarding, knitting, motorcycle riding, DJing - we can go on forever! What have you not done that you want to pursue?

A: There is so much I haven’t done yet! I grew up playing music and studied piano for 9 years. Lately part of me is feeling more drawn to playing music again. Maybe one day i’ll write my own music. :)

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Q: Your blog Live Learn Lovewell is a place devoted to adventurous, healthy and happy living. What will people find when they come to your website? You often focus on positivity and caption your instagram posts with motivational mantras. Who inspired you when you were growing up and throughout your career?

A: My site is full of healthy and delicious recipes -- mostly very simple recipes that help people learn that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. My site also has some personal lifestyle posts on new hobbies I’m into, ways to be creative, or types of adventure and travel I’ve taken. I also sell some LIVE LEARN LOVEWELL gear on my site.

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I think my parents have both been incredibly inspiring to me throughout my life and in my career. They are both artists, and so passionate about what they do. My father, a photographer, writer, musician, to name a few, has always pursued his passions over anything else. He has a great work ethic and has always encouraged me to pursue something creative, or anything that excites me. My mom is similar, she is an artist -- a painter, and gardener. She started her own gardening business at 55 years old, and has reinvented herself many times. She is also Buddhist and my brother and I grew up meditating regularly with her. She has taught me so much about self love, and manifesting what you want with good energy and positive thinking. I’m truly lucky they have been so encouraging towards me throughout my life and career.

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Q: We LOVE good food and you often share recipes on your blog. What's your favorite snack to make before or after a workout? If you're on the go, what are some of your favorite places to grab a healthy bite to eat in New York City?

A: I also LOVE food. One of my favorite snacks before or after a workout are these No Bake Energy Protein Balls. I have the recipe here.

Some of my favorite places to get healthy food in NYC are by Chloe, sweetgreen, and Mulberry & Vine.

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Q: As active urban dwellers, we often carry everything we need for our day in our bags. Tell us, #whatsinyourbag?

A: A lot! I live in Brooklyn and commute to Manhattan everyday, so I have to be prepared for anything/everything! I have my makeup bag, headphones, chapstick, essential oils, extra contacts (just in case), a toothbrush, water bottle, a snack of some sort, a couple tea bags, hair ties, sunglasses, extra socks… did I miss anything?

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