What's in HER bag - Holly Rilinger

What's in HER bag - Holly Rilinger


Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel instructor and celebrity trainer, Holly Rilinger is the definition of a powerhouse. She is the creator of LIFTED, a workout program she created that helps strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Learn how Holly tackles life's challenges with positivity and why she thinks meditation is as important as physical activity.


Q: You have such an inspiring story, from being a professional basketball player for the WNBA at 5’ 4”, transitioning your career to spin instructor, becoming an ambassador for Nike and creating your own fitness program. Career changes are not always easy, what helped you overcome obstacles along your journey?

A: About 5 years ago when my show on Bravo was coming together and falling apart, a friend/mentor of mine told to me to "Trust the Process". That was something that really stuck with me.  She was in the television industry and had first hand experience with how volatile "show business" can be. If I rode every every wave of emotion that accompanied every success and failure of my career, I would have been a wreck constantly. Instead, I trusted that there was a force working with me and for me. I believed that if I worked earnestly and stayed focused and true to myself, then what was meant for me  would not pass me by.  That is certainly easier said than done most times, but a little bit of surrender and faith can go a long way.


Q: Your program LIFTED brings together meditation with high intensity interval training (HIIT). What do you think are the benefits of each and what inspired you to bring these two elements together into your program?

A: As a former professional athlete, I understand the importance of a strong mind alongside a strong body.  It didn't matter how much I trained, without the right mindset, I wouldn't perform my best. I used visualization techniques and forms of meditation as an athlete to prepare myself for games. About five years ago I found meditation. It wasn't instantly life-changing, but once I incorporated it into my daily routine I was able to manage the stress and difficulties of life far better. I realized what an important tool it was and if I could "sneak" meditation into my workouts,  I would be able to show people first-hand how magical it was. That's how LIFTED was born.  The format is simple.  We have two five minute meditations throughout the workout; one at the start of class to "clear space" from your day and one 3/4 of the way through when you are deep into your workout.  We do anything better when we are focusing on it.  These meditations create mindfulness around your movement and ultimately around your entire day. 

Q: LIFTED has become a book, congratulations! What would you say is the primary take away from your book and how does it work?  For those of us who are not self starters, is there another way they can get inspired by you? 
Thank you so much!  My book is my greatest personal achievement outside of my relationship. 

LIFTED is a 28-day program designed to get you moving, meditating and feeling awesome. 28 days is long enough to create habits and short enough to stay focused. The primary takeaway is that your health cannot be something you jump in and out of.  We need to find ways to make wellness as automatic as brushing our teeth or going to work.  Without our health we have NOTHING. LIFTED makes things easy. No equipment exercises. Easy recipes  that require just a few simple ingredients. Meditation in small doses as you build up to longer sessions. You will have the feeling that YOU CAN DO THIS!  
Now, if you're not a self-starter you should consider joining my LIFTED4W Remote Coaching Program. This 4-week program comes to you via video conference call. I have clients from all over the world who call in, use my program and are connected to a supportive and inspiring group of people that become your team.

Q: We all know it’s important to feed ourselves mentally, physically and internally. Do you have any favorite recipes you can share to stay healthy? And any guilty pleasures?

A: My beautiful and all around amazing partner Jennifer Ford is the cook in our household and she's taught me how easy it can be to throw together a simple and delicious home-cooked meal. 

It's ridiculously simple.  All you need is cherry tomatoes, organic chicken, spinach, avocado, corn tortilla and spices.  Throw the chicken in a pan with olive oil and spices.  Add the spinach and then tomatoes. This literally takes 10 min.  Once they are cooked, throw into a warm corn tortilla with avocado.  I mean. There no excuse - this is just too easy.   My guilty pleasure  is Annie's organic chocolate chunk cookie dough.  Would you believe  I have one square almost every night?

Q: From speaking engagements to teaching classes, we try to fit all our needs into one bag for the day. Tell us, #whatsinyourbag?

A: Most days when I head out the door, I'm in the streets of NYC for the entire day. This means I'm likely transitioning from sweaty to clean and back to sweaty multiple times and constantly on the go!  Here's what's in my bag:

1. Plant Juice Oil. I love "GET A GRIP" and "REV UP" rolls ons to combat stress or a quick "pick-me-up".
2. GoRaw. These are the greatest little organic snacks. I need them for my hunger emergencies :) 
3. Oribe Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Keeps my hair looking like I'm fresh off the beach!
4. Nike Indy Sports Bra. If you don't have an extra sports bra in your bag are you even a trainer?
5. Good Wipes. When I don't have time for a shower, these are a "shower" in a bag!  Gotta have it!
6. Glossier Birthday Balm dotcom.  It's just the best hydrating balm for my lips. And tastes good ;)
7. Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream.  It's an easy and light cream for my crazy days. 


For more details on Holly's Transience bag, see our Swing Bag in Black Impulse Mesh with Iridescent Drawstring. 
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