Whats in HER bag - Tully Humphrey

Whats in HER bag - Tully Humphrey

We asked boss-lady Tully Humphrey, Creative Director of activewear label Tully Lou, yoga instructor and wellness writer #WhatsInYourBag and other pressing questions...


Q. We’re loving the latest Tully Lou collection! What inspired you to start the brand?​

I was inspired to create the brand back in 2011. I was recovering from an eating disorder + depression when I was a teenager.  When I was on my road to recovery I discovered yoga and I remember attending a class one day + everyone was wearing black and boring activewear I  was in class thinking wow that doesn't make you feel good or inspired to want to work out. So from that day I decided I wanted to create an activewear brand to help inspire and empower women to work out and live a healthier life. When you look good you feel good!

Q. It’s summertime in Australia where you live, lucky you!  What keeps you motivated to stay fit during the cooler winter months?

My motivation always come from the post workout endorphins I know it makes me feel a hundred times better. When I workout I am so much more productive in work and life in general.

I also like to have all my activewear out next to my bed so in the morning I just  get up and get changed I don't have to think about it In the colder months this is an absolute must, it can be    so easy to just lie in your warm cosy bed but I feel the guilts when I can see all my activewear out next to my bed when I have a lie in.

Q. What's on your workout playlist right now?

Q. What are your go-to healthy eating places?​  

When I am home in Melbourne I love to eat at COMBI which is a raw + vegan restaurant by the beach in Elwood. Super cute + delish! When I am back in LA I love BY CHLOE, Erewhon for healthy ready made meals + Backyard Bowls is all my jam.

Q. What’s in your Transience Bag?


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